Reefer Services

ATEB reefer service department was founded on 1986 and by continuous development it is now the biggest independent reefer service company in the Middle east and Africa.

With more than 55 factory trained reefer engineers we are able to offer our customers a 24/7 service at any location in Egypt.

Our headquarter is located in Alexandria in which our service support desk are on the top of the daily operations minute by minute monitoring the service calls all over the Egyptian ports and depots.

Through our mobile service team we are able to offer our customers the world class service excellence.

Our reefer M&R services are rendered inside all the Egyptian terminals and private depots:-

  • Alexandria International Container Terminal (AICT)
  • Alexandria Container & Cargo Handling Company (ACCHCO)
  • Port Said Container & Cargo Handling Company (PSCCHC)
  • Suez Canal Container Terminal (SCCT)
  • Damietta Container & Cargo Handling Company (DCHC)
  • DP World Sokhna Port
  • Adabya Port
  • QTI Depot (Our own depot)

Being an independent reefers service company, we have granted the access to all container depots terminals in Egypt. Major repairs, retrofitting, refrigerant testing and refurbishment are carried in our specialized reefer machinery workshop.

We are authorized  service center and warranty agent for all the 4 reefer container manufacturers.


The Preventive Technical Inspection is carried out before a reefer container will be released to the customer of the shipping lines.

To define a ‘preventive technical inspection’ (PTI) of the reefer: all technical unit functions and possible visible damage of both box & machinery will be checked according to the standard specifications of the manufacturers and shipping lines.

This inspection includes but not limited to :-

  • Testing for structural damages (Box and Machinery).
  • Checking the operation of the reefer’s machinery.
  • Software updates for all machinery types and manufactures.
  • Setting Temperature, humidity and ventilation.

As soon as a PTI has been carried out and all of the detected damages and/or malfunctions have been taken care of, the reefer unit will be ready to be handling export cargo.


More than 50 factory trained reefer technicians are distributed perfectly among all the Egyptian ports and ready for attending empty and laden reefer container repairs off shore, on board and during passing the Suez canal.Every technician is equipped with the recent and newest technologies of tools and OEM spare parts while attending and reefer container breakdown.

  • Monitoring Service

Monitoring service is provided inside any  Egyptian commercial ports to avoid and prevent any unpredictable failure to the reefer unit and cargo itself .


Cold Treatment Process

The process of Cold Treatment is to exterminate insects and larvae by maintaining a sufficiently low temperature for a pre-determined period of time. The period of time and temperature required are defined in protocols established by phytosanitary authorities of the importing countries.

Why ??  Effectively exterminate fruit flies and larvae, Eliminates the need for fumigation using chemicals that are prohibited in many countries, Allow perishables to get to market much faster and in optimum condition compared to land-based cold treatment in cold storage, Enable products to command premium value and meet consumer’s preference for non-fumigated produce.



Repairs or modifications are carried out by using the original manufacturer’s spare parts.

All warranty and modification repairs will be claimed directly to the manufacturer  and will be reported to the customers on the basis of the estimate and/or invoices.

Handlings all warranties and extended warranties procedures for Reefer units.

  • Temperature Settings

Setting the reefer unit temperature as per booked with the shipping line.

  • Vessel Attendance

Highly qualified team for emergency repairs, deliver spare parts and shipkits  on board any container vessels and during  port stays or passing the Suez canal